Take advantage of convenient e-billing.
It's easy, convenient and secure to get your invoice by email delivery. You can sign up today and enjoy all the benefits of paperless billing.

  • Easy for you – just open an email instead of an envelope
  • Good for the environment – less paper means less waste
  • Secure for your office – invoice is emailed to a designated party

Monthly e-billing via email.
When you sign up for e-billing, your invoice is delivered via email every month. Just click on one of the links in the email and you can:

  • Open your invoice in a PDF format and pay as usual
  • Go to the E-billing West page and view your bill there*

*Link maintenance: to click the link from each month's email to view your current invoice. If you click on an older link, you will not see your most current invoice.

Sign up for My Account for even more benefits.
My Account is a 24/7 automated account system that allows you to:

  • Make online payments
  • Create account history reports
  • Check shipping status or order return labels
  • Manage your Westlaw passwords
  • Print Westlaw billing summaries and reports

My Account helps you streamline all your account management tasks.